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First, on behalf of all of us at Eco-Wine Furniture WELCOME!

-Be passionate about building a quality product
-Utilize as much of the reclaimed barrel as possible
-Provide Customer Service that is second to none
-Continue to be innovative in our product offerings

Handmade by Great Craftsmen

THIS IS WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: Our products are Hand Made by some of the finest craftsmen in the United States. They were selected to work for Eco Wine Furniture because of their skills and creativeness. We believe in using as much as possible from the reclaimed barrel to produce our products. We use everything from the barrel heads, to staves, the steel rings and even the internal staves. Our products use less than 5% of wood not from the barrel.

 All of our products are made in Santa Maria, California on the picturesque Central Coast. Eco-Wine Furniture buys recently retired oak wine barrels and repurposes them into handcrafted products. The products are unique, attractive, long lasting, fairly priced, and comfortable! The curved staves from the oak wine barrels are used to make furniture such as benches, chairs and accessories such as trays, platters, and wine racks. We also make art easels, children’s furniture, and coming soon: lamps. Various-sized barrels are used to make fountains, ice coolers, and garden planters. Oak barrel heads are made into dining tables, coffee tables, bistro tables, as well as an assortment of bar stools and chairs. The galvanized steel hoops provide a wonderful vibrant accent to tables, chairs, and home & garden accessories. Each item is individually constructed by EWF. We build mostly from recently retired French Oak barrels. Some items like the ice coolers and fountains include redwood for durability. 

The Patina Finish: 
The various patina finishes of the oak are natural stain colorations that occur from the wine aging in the barrels. From burgundy to blond, the patina is superb. The naturally infused colors of the oak work well with many decors. Our trays and platters feature a food safe coating. For indoor and covered patio items we prefer olive oil. To maintain the beauty of the furniture rub occasionally with your favorite oil. Various coatings for ongoing outdoor use are available on request.



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